Bill Contents and Billing Requirements Rule Change Request

Bill Contents and Billing Requirements Rule Change Request

TasCOSS supports the intentions and goals of the rule change proposal — to deliver simpler and more understandable bills for energy retail customers while strengthening the ability of consumers to make informed decisions.

Energy bills remain the primary way that most households are aware of their energy costs. It is also the only communication most households have with their energy provider. As such, it plays a key role in informing customers about energy usage, costs, alternatives and potential savings.

The retail rules billing provisions provide a good basis for providing important and necessary customer information, but these requirements can be improved upon, to deliver a better experience for customers.

TasCOSS recommends: 

  1. Retain access to free paper bills for all customers as the default billing option.
  2. Enforceable, principles-based guidelines be developed to improve the content, design and protections for customers in their energy bills.
  3. AEMC to commission research on customer experiences, preferences and attitudes to energy bills to inform the content, layout and other requirement for energy bills.