New Submission to the TasCOSS Vault

Draft Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan 2020

TasCOSS welcomes the release of the Draft Plan and supports in principle the priority areas and key targets it sets out.

Our primary focus is influencing the development of the Draft Plan to improve energy affordability for residential customers, in particular low income households. We support measures in the Draft Plan that will lead to lower electricity prices and have made a number of recommendations aimed at improving energy affordability and increasing protections for vulnerable customers, such as those experiencing financial stress.

We emphasise investment in household energy efficiency measures as a key solution to improving affordability by lowering energy bills, as well as aiding our recovery from COVID-19 through economic stimulus and creating jobs. Our joint proposal for a National Low Income Energy Productivity Program encourages federal and state governments to consider investment in energy efficiency stimulus measures for low income households.