New Submission to the TasCOSS Vault

Submission to Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs Inquiry into Centrelink’s Compliance Program

TasCOSS reiterates the call made in our submission to the 2017 Senate inquiry into the automated debt recovery system to cease using an automated system to generate debt notices. We further call for that system to be replaced with a fair and humane process to help those with a legitimate debt arrange a repayment plan that does not push them further into stress, anxiety and poverty.

TasCOSS joins ACOSS to call for the following:

  • Robodebt be immediately abolished.
  • The Federal Government convene a roundtable of experts in social security, including people affected, to redesign a fair, accurate and humane system of debt recovery.
  • The Federal Government cease outsourcing the administration of income support to private operators.
  • The Federal Government strengthen the capacity of Centrelink to meet need by increasing permanent staffing levels.
  • Ensure people contacted about alleged overpayments are not bullied or intimidated.
  • Guarantee fundamental principles of procedural fairness and reasonableness apply to all Centrelink clients.
  • Ensure any data sharing protects people’s confidentiality and privacy.