MEDIA RELEASE: Shameful Robodebt reversed at long last

29 May 2020

The announcement that the Federal Government will move to waive all Robodebts confirms that the system was flawed from the start in subjecting many of Tasmania’s most vulnerable to unfair, impersonal and damaging treatment.

TasCOSS Acting CEO Ms Simone Zell said while the return of wrongful debts was welcome the damage caused is irreversible and the breaking of all trust in the care and compassion of our social security system remains.

“It will take years and considerable change to reverse the damage that has been done to people’s confidence in the programs which are meant to support us when we need it most,” she said.

“The right thing for our Federal Government to do now is to apologise to Tasmanians who have been targeted by this callous and inhumane program. This must never happen again.

“The Robodebt program has achieved nothing but misery. Australia is better than this and we hope our Federal Government will reflect on this as it puts systems in place to support the many millions of Australians who now find themselves seeking work post-COVID-19.”


For more information or to arrange an interview with TasCOSS Acting CEO Simone Zell:

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