MEDIA RELEASE: Investment in wellbeing recognised as essential to COVID-19 recovery

20 July 2020

The Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council’s (PESRAC’s) report provides recognition that a key measure of our recovery is improving the wellbeing of all Tasmanians.

TasCOSS CEO Ms Adrienne Picone said that this recognition was essential to an effective recovery and adequate investment would be the next step.

“We are pleased to see the Council recognise that investment in the lives of Tasmanians must sit at the foundation of any effective rebuilding strategy for our state,” she said.

“We look forward to seeing this translating into investment in Tasmania’s greatest asset — our people — as we move to the next stage of the recovery process.

“The disruption caused by COVID-19 will be felt throughout our communities for some time. As identified in the report, investment must be made in areas of increased demand, including mental health, food security, family violence, and digital literacy and capacity-building.

“The Council’s findings in these areas are consistent with Premier Gutwein’s approach to COVID-19 that has prioritised the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians; acknowledgement that a strong, resilient population is the key ingredient needed to rebuild our state’s economy.”

Ms Picone said it was important that the Council had also acknowledged the negative affects the COVID-19 response has had on our young people, women and other disproportionately affected cohorts.

“This represents the reality of what Tasmanians are experiencing in their families and communities as a result of the more than 20,000 job losses in our state since the closure of our borders back in March,” she said.

“Many of the strategies for addressing structural issues already exist, now is the opportunity to fund them for the benefit of all Tasmanians as recommended by PESRAC.

“We look forward to the next step of this process and to a recovery that includes every Tasmanian.”


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