TasCOSS MEDIA RESPONSE: Fair Work Commission minimum wage increase

15 June 2022

The following may be used as direct quotes from Ms Adrienne Picone, CEO, TasCOSS:

  • TasCOSS welcomes the Fair Work Commission’s $40 (5.2%) increase to national minimum wage and 4.6% increase to modern award minimum wages.
  • Affording the essentials has become increasingly more difficult for Tasmanian families in recent times, with the cost of food, housing, health, transport, education, recreational activities and insurances all going up in the past year.
  • This approach to increasing the national minimum wage recognises the particular challenges that Tasmanian workers on low incomes are facing with high inflation, with a 5.8% increase in the cost of living over the past year.
  • Real wage rates have been stagnant for a decade now. They can and should be increased substantially, at least to compensate for inflation, without triggering a wage-price spiral or higher unemployment.
  • Women make up more than half (55%) of the low-paid award-reliant workforce. A substantial increase in minimum wages would also be a step towards reducing the pay gap between men and women.
  • We must do more to support Tasmanian on low and modest incomes with cost of living pressures. Governments of all levels have a role to play, from increasing concession payments to lifting the rate of JobSeeker and increasing Commonwealth Rent Assistance.
  • At the forthcoming Employment Summit, our national peak ACOSS will be working together with unions and business to find ways to lift real wages in an orderly way while restoring full employment.

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