TasCOSS MEDIA RELEASE: 2022/23 Federal Budget Initial Analysis

29 March 2022

The following may be used as direct quotes from Ms Adrienne Picone, CEO, TasCOSS:

  • This Federal Budget appears focused on temporary measures that put money into voters’ pockets between now and the election, rather than addressing the structural issues that create cost of living pressures on households. 
  • The temporary measures and one off payments are an acknowledgement of the impact of cost of living pressures on Australians, but will quickly be eaten up by a few tanks of fuel or a week’s rent. 
  • This Budget is a squandered opportunity to address the weaknesses in our economy and society that COVID laid bare.  
  • If we are serious about easing cost of living pressures and ending poverty, we must: raise the rate of income support to at least $70 a day, deliver a jobs and training guarantee for long-term unemployed people and build more social housing. 
  • This Budget is a squandered opportunity to demonstrate that poverty is not inevitable. The pandemic proved that poverty exists in this country because federal government policy allows it to. For a short time, the government ensured all Australians had an adequate income and we saw the impact – families no longer needed food hampers, debt repayments increased, and people told us they could finally afford to see their dentist and GP. 
  • Australia faces major challenges in the years ahead and we need a government that is prepared to act by investing in our people and our communities.


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