TasCOSS MEDIA RELEASE: Tasmanians stung with electricity price hike when they can least afford it

17 June 2022

The announcement of an 11.88% increase to electricity prices next month is a further blow to Tasmanian electricity customers, with household budgets already under pressure from rising prices and falling real wages.

TasCOSS CEO Ms Adrienne Picone said it was becoming increasingly more difficult for Tasmanian families to afford the basics, with a surge in household electricity costs now compounding the pain felt by the rises in the cost of food, housing, health, transport, education, recreational activities and insurances over the past year.

“I can’t emphasise enough how incredibly tough life is for Tasmanians living on a low income right now,” said Ms Picone.

“It’s scrounging, it’s scrimping, it’s having to make insidious decisions between putting a meal on the table or paying a bill, or going without hot showers and turning off the heater in the depths of winter to bring costs down. The significant increase to electricity prices is only going to make an already bad situation worse. 

“We were pleased however, to see the Government’s recognition of the strain this price increase will place on the most vulnerable with the announcement of an increase in the electricity concession and a bill credit for concession card holders.

“It was also positive to see the removal of the aurora+ product fee which is a barrier to 90,000 Tasmanians accessing its benefits.

“TasCOSS has been persistent in calling for the removal of the additional aurora+ fee as it will help households to better understand and manage power usage, lower bills and mitigate bill shock.

“We also acknowledge the additional support Aurora Energy is making available through its YES program for customers experiencing financial difficulty.”

With the throes of winter upon us, Ms Picone said it was important for Tasmanians struggling to pay their bills or meet their the electricity costs to contact their retailer to discuss support options available.

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