Putting Wellbeing First

In TasCOSS’s conversations with Tasmanians around the state during September and October 2022, people shared their personal experiences of going without life’s daily essentials, such as housing, food, energy, digital, and transport.

They reported that on a daily basis they were having to decide which ‘essentials’ they go without. Do they pay the rent or buy food? Do they fill a prescription or put that money towards their energy bill?

There is no panacea to this cost of living crisis, but there are clear, evidence-informed measures that the Tasmanian Government can pursue which prioritise the wellbeing of Tasmanians and lay the foundations for a healthier future.

In TasCOSS’s 2023/24 Budget Priorities Statement: Wellbeing First, we set out six priority areas for action to place wellbeing at the centre of the economy for the medium- and long-term, and for providing immediate relief to Tasmanian households struggling to afford the basics.

Right now is golden opportunity for the Government to make the choice to put the wellbeing of Tasmanians first.

The six priority areas, each with a set of key recommendations, are:

  • Supporting people out of crisis
  • Affordable housing solutions
  • Provide targeted food relief
  • Bring down energy costs
  • Close Tasmania’s digital divide
  • Improve transport and affordability