Measuring Progress in Tasmania (2014–20)

TasCOSS’s Measuring Progress in Tasmania (2014–20) table tells the clear story of the increased pace of division and inequality in Tasmania.

The figures released for the December quarter 2019 quarter demonstrate more Tasmanians are on the elective surgery waiting list and deferring access to GPs due to cost than when the Liberal Government came to power in 2014.

TasCOSS will continue to hold the government to account and amplify the voices of low income and disadvantaged Tasmanians. As you read these statistics, remember that each number represents a real person, their lives and families.

For more targeted Tasmanian indicators based on region, take a look at the Measuring Progress in North & North-West Tasmania (2014–20) table.

2014Latest data
Energy Concessions[1]
Number on energy concessions88,430

93,126 (+4,696)

Departing Emergency Department (ED) within 4 hours at Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH)[2]60.3%60.0% (–0.3%)
Elective surgery waiting list[2]7,43811,110 (+3,672)
Proportion of people deferring access to GPs due to cost[3]6.9%8.6% (+1.7%)
Oral health wait list[2]15,33313,899 (–1,434) 
VET enrolments[4]63,400 (2015)55,700 (2017) (–7,700)
School retention rate (Year 7-12)[5]68.4%73.2% (+4.6%)
Number of unemployed18,90015,200 (–3,700) 
Number of underemployed25,70030,300 (+4,600)
Number on Newstart21,14920,202 (–947) 
Number on housing register2,0543,478 (+1,424)
Average wait time for priority applicants19 weeks65 weeks (+46 weeks)
Out-of-Home Care (OOHC)[8]
Number of children in OOHC1,0541,331 (+277)
Taxable Income[9]   
Proportion of taxpayers earning less than $80,000 p.a.86.6%88.0% (2016/17) (+1.4%)
Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) Score[10]
 50.458.1  (+7.7)

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