Mapping our Collective Vision and Priorities for 2021 — Adrienne’s enews Message (18 February 2021)

“Over the last 12-months, I have really come to understand the extent of the work that you [the community services industry] do and the need for the work that you do. To see the way that your sector pivoted and found new ways to work in delivering services to the most vulnerable — at a time when people were anxious, frightened and fearful — you stepped up and helped those Tasmanians through what was a very difficult period.”

— Premier Peter Gutwein, 16 February 2021

As we set our sights on what we want to achieve as an industry in 2021, we were thrilled to host the Premier at our annual luncheon on Tuesday. The well-attended event, generously supported by St. Lukes Health, afforded the Premier the opportunity to outline his priorities and vision for the year ahead.

In his address, it was reaffirming to hear the Premier express his desire to continue to invest in and support our industry, and for the spirit of collaboration — much like we saw during the North-West outbreak — between funders and service providers to continue. A recording of the Premier’s address and the Q&A session is now available on the TasCOSS YouTube page.

It would come as no surprise to any of you that as we grapple with the social and economic effects of COVID-19 we must move quickly and decisively to ensure Tasmanians are not left behind in our recovery. Women, young people and older Tasmanians in particular, have borne the brunt of COVID-19 and this is backed up by what we’re hearing from our service providers on the ground.

Together with government, our ability to build resilience — in the capacity of individuals, for our health and wellbeing, our relationships, across organisations and businesses, communities and our systems — will go a long way to determining how we emerge from this disruption. Furthermore, prioritising building resilience that is community-led goes to our collective vision of a better Tasmania, where more Tasmanians have the opportunity to live a better life.

As we look towards the next stage of our recovery, we’d love to hear your priorities for the year ahead and gain a better understanding of what you’re hoping to achieve for your organisations and the people you work with. I invite you to get in touch with me directly via email or contact a member of the TasCOSS team

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