TasCOSS Members and the Looming State Election

Kym Goodes, CEO 

We’re expecting the State Election to be officially called soon, potentially making it an early March 2018 election day and giving TasCOSS and its Members five or six  weeks to cap off our ongoing advocacy on issues we will want in front of the next Tasmanian Government.

Our Members have confirmed for us our role in this environment is:

  • to provide support, expertise and advice on issues advocacy
  • to create opportunities to enhance our Members’ understanding of where the various candidates stand on relevant issues,
  • and to advocate for leadership and real improvements for the lives of Tasmanians.

Many of you have already spoken with us about how we can support your efforts to highlight your key issues to the political parties and candidates. If you haven’t please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can join forces wherever possible.

Following on from partnerships forged in the 2017/18 State Budget process, we are also continuing to work across sectors and peak bodies to maximise the influence of the community service sector and integrate with the work of other bodies with similar and complementary aims and objectives. Our major work in this area and a series of forums providing Member access to party leaders and candidates will be shared with you soon and we look forward to seeing you take the chance to ask the questions that matter most to you.

TasCOSS also continues our work towards our collective Vision of One Tasmania free of poverty and inequality where everyone has the same opportunity. We strive to highlight the potential for this more equal Tasmania to political representatives by encouraging and supporting them to listen to Tasmanians across our State and trust that they know the sort of Tasmania they want to build for future generations.

More Member News

OPCAT Implementation Bill 2021

TasCOSS does not support establishing the Custodial Inspector as a National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) and we urge the Tasmanian Government to consider alternative models that incorporate the expertise of civil society organisations.

Budget demonstrates commitment to doing things differently (Mercury Talking Point, 28/08/21)

Adrienne Picone says the latest Gutwein State Budget has plenty of green shoots, but any real judgment of its effectiveness will be in the months and years ahead.

Take Me To Your Board S01E09: Roles and Responsibilities

Every single member of a board needs to have a deep understanding of the responsibilities of their role for the organisation to run effectively. In this episode, Bridget and Cameron enlist the help of one of the state’s most experienced board members and the Director of Environment, Development and Community at Kingborough Council, Dr Katrena Stephenson, to look at the Australia Post Cartier watch saga and discuss the expectations all new and aspiring board members should be aware of before deciding to take a seat at the table.

Gaming Control Amendment (Future Gaming Market) Bill 2021

The Gaming Control Amendment (Future Gaming Market) Bill 2021 represents a unique opportunity to enact sound public policy in relation to gaming in Tasmania. In particular, it represents an opportunity to review to what degree the gaming market model benefits the Tasmanian economy and society and to what degree it is consistent with a ‘health-in-all policies’ approach to public policy.

Social Services Legislation Amendment (Consistent Waiting Periods for New Migrants) Bill 2021

TasCOSS opposes the Bill because it denies basic support to single parents, carers, new parents and children, without which many would have no income at all. It imperils the financial security of thousands in the middle of a pandemic which continues to affect people’s ability to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Policy Conversations: Rethinking the Use of ‘Vulnerable’ Wrap

TasCOSS’s latest Policy Conversation: Rethinking the Use of ‘Vulnerable’ had a great turnout with representatives from more than 40 organisations present to witness a rich discussion on the value and challenges of the term ‘vulnerable’ and its use in the community services industry. Special thanks to Dr Catherine Robinson (Anglicare Tasmania’s Social Action Research Centre) — our wonderful guest speaker — for her time, expertise and passion.

Under 16 Homelessness Policy Framework

TasCOSS has had a long involvement in advocating for children and young people living in difficult circumstances in Tasmania. The draft framework is a good starting point for our collective response to the needs of unaccompanied homeless children in Tasmania, but it currently lacks clarity in some respects and needs further articulation.

Commission of Inquiry into the State Government’s Response to Child Sexual Abuse

In preparing this submission, TasCOSS consulted with organisations with frontline and policy expertise in the child safety system and children’s welfare. The submission addresses seven systemic themes that are or will in future impact on the adequacy and appropriateness of the State Government’s response to allegations and incidents of child sexual abuse in institutional contexts.

Draft Container Refund Scheme 2021

TasCOSS welcomes the introduction of a Container Refund Scheme (CRS) and the potential it provides for social benefit beyond the environmental benefits of recycling.

Grocery Unit Pricing Code Review

Effective unit pricing is a consumer protection measure that is vital to the many thousands of Tasmanians who have low numeracy and/or literacy and live in poverty or on inadequate incomes.