TasCOSS Members and the Looming State Election

Kym Goodes, CEO 

We’re expecting the State Election to be officially called soon, potentially making it an early March 2018 election day and giving TasCOSS and its Members five or six  weeks to cap off our ongoing advocacy on issues we will want in front of the next Tasmanian Government.

Our Members have confirmed for us our role in this environment is:

  • to provide support, expertise and advice on issues advocacy
  • to create opportunities to enhance our Members’ understanding of where the various candidates stand on relevant issues,
  • and to advocate for leadership and real improvements for the lives of Tasmanians.

Many of you have already spoken with us about how we can support your efforts to highlight your key issues to the political parties and candidates. If you haven’t please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can join forces wherever possible.

Following on from partnerships forged in the 2017/18 State Budget process, we are also continuing to work across sectors and peak bodies to maximise the influence of the community service sector and integrate with the work of other bodies with similar and complementary aims and objectives. Our major work in this area and a series of forums providing Member access to party leaders and candidates will be shared with you soon and we look forward to seeing you take the chance to ask the questions that matter most to you.

TasCOSS also continues our work towards our collective Vision of One Tasmania free of poverty and inequality where everyone has the same opportunity. We strive to highlight the potential for this more equal Tasmania to political representatives by encouraging and supporting them to listen to Tasmanians across our State and trust that they know the sort of Tasmania they want to build for future generations.

More Member News

Grocery Unit Pricing Code Review

Effective unit pricing is a consumer protection measure that is vital to the many thousands of Tasmanians who have low numeracy and/or literacy and live in poverty or on inadequate incomes.

Access Support for your Energy Costs

With the end of June fast approaching, it is a timely reminder to households that electricity disconnections can recommence as a further tranche of COVID-19 protections are removed.

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Goanna Report for TasCOSS on Tasmanian Residential Electricity Prices

TasCOSS commissioned a report to compare Tasmania’s residential electricity prices with those elsewhere on the mainland. This report and previous research confirm that investing in household energy efficiency will improve energy affordability and reduce power bills for Tasmanians.

TasCOSS Submissions on Climate Change

While all Australians are vulnerable to the effects of climate change, the impacts of climate change are and will be felt inequitably and will drive social inequality in the future. Mitigating future climate change and adaptation to ongoing climate changes are therefore social justice issues, particularly for young Tasmanians.

2021 State Election Joint Statement on Poker Machines in Tasmania

Poker machines are designed to be addictive and are recognised as a potentially dangerous product. Figures show Tasmanians lose around $500,000 to poker machines each and every day.

2021 State Election Joint Statement on Energy Affordability

Energy is an essential service. It is critical to individual, family and community health and wellbeing, as well as to overall economic activity. All Tasmanians, regardless of their means, have the right to reliable, safe and affordable energy.

Tasmanian Community Services Industry Joint Statement of 2021 State Election Priorities

As the peak bodies representing Tasmania’s community services industry, our vision is for all Tasmanians to have the opportunity to contribute to rebuilding their communities as resilient, healthy, safe and economically vibrant places to live.

2021 State Election Joint Statement on Digital Inclusion

Digital inclusion is about making sure everyone can make full use of digital technologies so they can enjoy the social and economic benefits it provides.

2021/2022 TasCOSS Budget Priorities Statement: Household Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Energy is an essential service — one that is fundamental to community, family, individual health and wellbeing and overall economic activity.