Kay Thompson, TasCOSS Life Member

“In 2010 I ceased working in the community sector after 30 years involvement and within months of leaving the sector was offered Life Membership of TasCOSS.

“Accepting was an unexpected honour and one that gave me cause to reflect on just what the presence of TasCOSS within the community sector has meant to me personally and to the industry as a whole. For the industry as a whole there can be little doubt that without TasCOSS’s continued lobbying the sector would struggle to adequately articulate the needs of its clients to government and the broader community.

“On a personal level involvement with TasCOSS and the community sector itself has allowed me to express the deeply held view that maintaining people of all ages within the community with dignity and self-worth is the least response that should be expected from any humane society.

“Whilst it is easy to lament the deficiencies in society’s response to the most vulnerable within our community and look to government to provide the funds that can assist in altering the life situations of those most in need, I have learnt that it is the way we treat one another as work colleagues, contemporaries and friends that can make the biggest difference: for it is a change in attitude toward life itself that is at the heart of a truly humane society.

“As a Life Member of TasCOSS I hope to continue working toward the kind of society which I cherish for my grandchildren and their grandchildren to live in.”

TasCOSS Life Members

Tim Gourlay, TasCOSS Life Member

Tim was awarded Life Membership of TasCOSS in November 2019.

Kath McLean, TasCOSS Life Member

Kath was awarded Life Membership of TasCOSS in November 2019.

Noel Mundy, TasCOSS Life Member

Noel was awarded Life Membership of TasCOSS in 2015.

John Stuart, TasCOSS Life Member

John was awarded Life Membership of TasCOSS in 2014.

Cecily Gilson, TasCOSS Life Member

Cecily (dec.) is a Life Member of TasCOSS.

Rt Rev Dr Chris Jones, TasCOSS Life Member

Chris was awarded Life Membership of TasCOSS in 2013.

Ann Hughes, TasCOSS Life Member

Ann is a Life Member of TasCOSS.

Dorothy Pearce, TasCOSS Life Member

Dorothy (dec.) is TasCOSS’s first Life Member.