Investment approach puts Tasmanians first

TasCOSS has welcomed Tasmanian Labor’s alternative Budget presented today in Parliament.

“We are pleased to see the alternative budget acknowledge what is working and propose innovative ways to take action and improve outcomes for all Tasmanians,” CEO of TasCOSS Kym Goodes said.

“With people at the centre of both the alternative budget priorities and last week’s State Budget, the major parties have demonstrated they are listening to what Tasmanians know matters most: Health, education and jobs.

“And we are delighted with the investment and prevention approach to health announced on the weekend and confirmed again today: the community service sector and many others have advocated for this approach for many years as a long-term solution to poor health outcomes and the ever-increasing costs of maintaining our over-burdened hospital system.

“In this alternative Budget we hear the needs of Tasmanians being acknowledged and see the expertise that sits in our communities supported and captured to tackle long-term issues of inequality, poor health and low educational attainment.

“Importantly, as the State Budget did last week, this proposal demonstrates an increasing willingness to invest in bold approaches that may begin to breakdown entrenched inequalities in our communities.

“We are optimistic that these two economic statements will spark vital discussion about creative policy approaches to long-term issues, with all sides of politics able to debate and build real solutions for the benefit of all Tasmanians.

“We congratulate Tasmanian Labor on proposing brave, new ideas that would put people first.

“Robust discussion is the cornerstone of a strong democracy and a platform for the kind of leadership we need to achieve better outcomes for all Tasmanians.”