TasCOSS MEDIA RELEASE: Funding to address community services skills shortage welcomed

Monday 26 April 2021

The commitment by the Tasmanian Liberal Party, if elected, to partner with the community services industry to address the current skills shortage and create 4,000 new jobs by 2024 to meet rising community demand has been welcomed by TasCOSS.

TasCOSS CEO Ms Adrienne Picone said this $3.3 million over three years in funding would ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry and enable community service organisations to continue to provide timely, wrap-around support to Tasmanians.

“The demand for community services has increased exponentially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the full effects of the pandemic yet to be felt, it is vital to secure funding commitments for our workforce now,” Ms Picone said.

“The community services industry is integral to Tasmania’s social and economic recovery from COVID-19 and the vital services our industry provides have supported the wellbeing of almost all Tasmanians at some point in their lives.

“We are very pleased to see the important role the community services industry plays in Tasmania recognised and funded to ensure we can grow to meet increasing demand for services.

“Today’s investment will allow the community services industry to deliver the projected 4,000 new jobs needed, through a coordinated approach including the establishment of Workforce Development Fund to equip the industry with 120 new trainers and the delivery of an awareness and recruitment campaign to promote the diverse employment and career opportunities within the industry.

“It will also allow the industry to fund governance scholarships to build capacity and to strengthen leadership and sustainability within the industry as well as the important establishment of a Workforce Ready Team across specialist workforces and priority groups.”

Ms Picone said she also welcomed the commitments to partnering with the industry made by both the Tasmanian Labor Party and the Tasmanian Greens and she looked forward to working with both parties around how these commitments might be realised.

The community services funding announcement was made today at an online Leaders Forum hosted by TasCOSS, featuring the Hon Peter Gutwein MP, Rebecca White MP and Cassy O’Connor MP, and attended by over 140 industry representatives.

For more information or to arrange an interview with TasCOSS CEO Adrienne Picone:

  • Cameron Allen, 0419 769 253 or via email.