Expressions of Interest: Industry Plan Strategic Leadership Roles

*** Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for Industry Plan strategic leadership roles are now open! ***

Aims & Overview

Calling strategic leaders in community services.

TasCOSS are calling for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from community services industry leaders to join with other strategic leaders to oversee the Tasmanian Community Services Industry Plan (2021-31) (Industry Plan). 

We are looking for community services chief executives, board chairs and service users to join with other strategic leaders to govern towards the vision for a connected community services industry that supports all Tasmanians to live a good life and enriches our state’s social, cultural and economic wellbeing.   

The ten-year Industry Plan is for governments, peak bodies and community service organisations. It provides an overarching framework to guide strategic industry development and transition planning.  

We need our industry’s best strategic thinkers around these governance tables. There are a number of roles available.

Is this you? To apply to join the Community Services Industry Advisory Council or the Industry Development Steering Group, please complete the online EOI form below outlining what you can bring to the role and your experience and qualifications.

To learn more about the governance and membership structure, click on the breakout boxes below. 

If you have any questions, please contact Simone Zell, Community Services Industry Development Manager, on (03) 6169 9515 or email Simone.

To find out more about the Community Services Industry Plan (2021-31), please click here.

Governance Structure

The implementation of the Industry Plan will be overseen by a robust and comprehensive governance structure comprising three bodies:

  1. Industry Advisory Council to provide high level oversight and endorsement.
  2. Industry Development Steering Committee for steering and advising, reporting to the Industry Advisory Council.
  3. Workforce Coalition for actioning Strategic Priority 2: Workforce Development and Training, reporting to the Industry Development Steering Committee.

Each of these groups will be informed by input from community and consumer groups. They will have strong accountability measures and will be subject to evaluation and success measures. 

Membership Structure

1. Community Services Industry Advisory Council

This body is responsible for setting direction, guiding and overseeing the whole Industry Plan. Co-chaired by the Minister for Community Services and Development, the Hon Nic Street MP, and TasCOSS Board President, Alex McKenzie. 

Selected Members (to be selected from EOI process):

  • Chairs of community service organisations boards to provide representation from peak bodies, different size organisations, sector diversity and regional providers (four members)

Appointed Members:

  • Minister for Skills, Training and Workforce Growth, the Hon Roger Jaensch MP
  • Vice-Chancellor, University of Tasmania 
  • CEO, TasTAFE 
  • Australian Government representation (one member)
  • Chair, Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT)
  • CEO, TasCOSS (ex-officio)*
  • Secretary, Department of Communities Tasmania (ex-officio)*


  • Industry Plan Project Manager, TasCOSS
  • Industry Plan Project Support, TasCOSS

In addition, the chair(s) may invite representatives from other agencies to participate in discussions for specific agenda items, as appropriate. 

2. Industry Development Steering Committee

This body is responsible for steering the Industry Plan. Co-chaired by Secretary of the Department of Communities Tasmania, Michael Pervan, and TasCOSS CEO, Adrienne Picone.

Selected Members (to be selected from EOI process):

  • Peak body representation (two members)^
  • CEOs of community service organisations representation (two members)^
  • Service user representation (two members)
  • Workforce representation (one member)
  • Volunteering Tasmania representation (one member)

Appointed Members:

  • Secretary, Department of State Growth
  • Secretary, Department of Education
  • Director, Community and Disability Services, Department of Communities Tasmania+ (ex-officio)*
  • Executive industry partners (University of Tasmania, TasTAFE)

By Invitation:

  • Chair(s) of the Workforce Coalition or Working Groups for the lifetime of the project (ex-officio)*


  • Industry Plan Project Manager, TasCOSS
  • Industry Plan Project Support, TasCOSS

In addition, the chair(s) may co-opt additional members as required for a specified time to ensure implementation of particular aspects of the work plan. 

* Ex-officio members are non-voting members.

+ New structure to replace Department of Communities Tasmania.

^ These four members will be made up of a mix of organisations with regional, size and sector diversity.