Human Rights Week in Tasmania

Every 10 December people around the world commemorate the day that the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is now available in more than 360 languages. The UDHR sets out those rights and freedoms that many of us take for granted.

December 10 is a day to raise public awareness and knowledge of why human rights matter, both among people who are lucky enough to enjoy their rights, and those who are not so lucky, who have little freedom and few rights.

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More on Human Rights

TasCOSS Response to the consultation draft of the Expungement of Historical Offences Bill 2017

It is TasCOSS’s belief that the intention of the Tasmanian Government to address these historical injustices is an important statement in support of human rights.

Tasmanian Human Rights Awards

Tasmania pays tribute to individuals and organisations based in Tasmania, by presenting the annual Tasmanian Human Rights Awards.

TasCOSS Response to Family Violence: Strengthening Our Legal Responses Consultation Paper

A human rights focus is particularly important when dealing with the issue of family violence.

Time for Action on Child Protection

“Tasmanian children in care are not living better lives than they were two, three or even five years ago, and that is simply not good enough.”