Hobart Congestion


Hobart Traffic Vision, with capital measures likely contingent on City Deal:

  • $100m (according to one press report) for a new Bus Transit Centre for Metro and other bus companies
  • $35m for a fifth express lane on Southern Outlet
  • Take over Davey and Macquarie Sts
  • Ferry service between Bellerive and Sullivans Cove
  • Bus priority measures on key routes into CBD
  • Traffic Incident Response Team
  • Establish Hobart Transport Master Plan

TasCOSS commentary

The Bus Transit Centre, bus priority measures, and a new ferry service will make public transport in Hobart easier to use, but not necessarily more affordable. Congestion management measures similarly primarily benefit those who are able to drive—although bus services will also benefit, making public transport more attractive and viable.

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