Local people know their communities best and know what will make a difference, but don’t always have the resources needed to effect that change.

TasCOSS seeks to speak to Tasmanians in their communities to amplify these vital voices so they are heard clearly by decision-makers and governments.

We want to work with communities to build capacity to take action, initiate and achieve the change they want to see.


Budget demonstrates commitment to doing things differently (Mercury Talking Point, 28/08/21)

Adrienne Picone says the latest Gutwein State Budget has plenty of green shoots, but any real judgment of its effectiveness will be in the months and years ahead.

Too many left out of digital world (The Mercury Talking Point, 17/11/20)

Lift Tasmania off the bottom of the table or we will all pay, says Adrienne Picone.

2020/21 State Budget Wrap-up

The State Government’s welcome shift towards prioritising investment in people’s health and wellbeing throughout the COVID-19 recovery is evident in this year’s State Budget. However, there remains a heavy emphasis by government on public and private infrastructure such as roads and buildings as a means to short-term economic recovery.

Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council Survey

Help plan Tasmania’s economic and social recovery by telling the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council (PESRAC) about your priorities for the future. PESRAC wants to understand the views of Tasmanians about their wellbeing and what they see as important for recovery.

JobSeeker and the Coronavirus Supplement

The current rate of JobSeeker (including the Coronavirus Supplement) is lifting thousands of Tasmanians out of poverty and has allowed families to meet basic household needs and relieve financial stress.

Raise the Rate for Good

The continuing COVID-19 health and economic crises have led to more people than ever struggling to find paid work. For every job available in Tasmania today there are 21 job seekers.

Assistance for Temporary Visa Holders

View information about available assistance for temporary visa holders in your area.

Emergency Food Relief Directory

The Emergency Food Relief Directory has been complied as a result of queries from support agencies on where additional support for food relief efforts can be directed, such as produce, meals, deliveries and volunteers. The directory aims to capture the current activity in the three regions — North-West, North and South.