TasCOSS 2022/23 Budget Priorities Statement: Family/Sexual Violence Policy Development and Sector Coordination

TasCOSS have put in a funding bid for $834,000 over five years to establish a family/sexual violence policy development and sector coordination mechanism for Tasmania.

Due to its limited capacity, the creation of a mechanism to coordinate the sector’s input into government strategies, legislative reforms and policies in the area of family and sexual violence, as well as the facilitation of sector training and development and the ability to provide the Tasmanian Government with a single point of contact for
the sector, would be of great benefit.

This proposal was made in consultation with our sector, in particular key service delivery organisations working in this space who recognise the importance of this role in improving and informing government policy, sector training and development initiatives.

As the only jurisdiction in Australia without a coordinated, jurisdiction-wide, non-government specialist sector voice, it is imperative we act now to put this key coordination role in place to better engage with and inform the development of local and national policy responses relating to family and sexual violence.