ExpiredTerms of Engagement: How to Expand Your Influence, Change Policy & Make a Real Difference

Nic McBride

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  • Hobart
    8 June 2017
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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This is your opportunity to join Rhys Edwards, former head of DPaC, to explore how you can expand your influence and drive policy change that makes a difference to your clients and stakeholders.

The current policy development environment is complex and difficult.

Governments of all persuasions are strapped for cash and, in many cases, operate day-by-day in the shadow of opinion polls and the 24-hour-news-cycle.

How can the not-for-profit sector best engage with policy makers and government funders In this hamster-wheel environment?

This one-day event covers:

  • Where Are We Now?  The current operating environments of the Tasmanian Government Budget and not-for-profit sector.
  • How is Government Policy Developed?
  • Limitations of the Policy Cycle.  Just as culture constrains strategy, so too politics constrains policy. We will examine evidence-based policy in a ‘post-truth’ world, what influences Ministers, the role of ministerial advisers and the nature of ‘wicked problems’*.
  • Election Narratives and the Political Cycle.  There are only 6 election narratives – what are they?  How does this influence policy making?
  • Ideas for Future Policy Making. What are the trends that are impacting on policy development and customer service.  How well is the not for profit sector placed to drive innovation?
  • What is the Role of Sector Leaders? Explore the possibilities of your combined leadership.

We will take a wait list when the event is sold out and consider adding a second session if needed.

Facilitator: Rhys Edwards (RDME CONSULTING)
Rhys is an experienced organisational leader and has worked at the highest levels of the public sector for over 16 years.  He has a strong background in leadership and governance and was Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet from 2008 to 2014.   As well as consulting work, Rhys is an honorary research fellow at Melbourne University and a moderator for the Cranlana Foundation – helping  business, government and community leaders to reflect upon key philosophical, ethical and social issues central to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable society.


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