Adrienne’s enews Message — 1 October 2020

Championing the Voices of Lived Experience

Phase 2 of the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council (PESRAC) consultation is poised to get underway later this month with a focus on identifying practical, on the ground recovery mechanisms that will have an impact on medium to long-term recovery (2-5 years).

The Council is especially interested in “ideas … that could help to empower Tasmanians and Tasmanian organisations to build their own future on the pathway to recovery.”

A wellbeing survey is being developed by PESRAC in partnership with the University of Tasmania to identify what elements of wellbeing, in accordance with the OECD Better Life Index topics, Tasmanians see as important and should be priorities for the Council moving forward.

The PESRAC Secretariat and UTAS are engaging with TasCOSS and others in our industry to ensure the survey reflects the broad range of views within the Tasmanian community. It is vital that the voices of lived experience, including Tasmanians living on low incomes, are collected through the PESRAC consultation process.

Our industry has a vital role to play in this as we have many opportunities to identify where change is needed and to empower others through our work. Our peaks are working effectively to lead the way in supporting and building capacity across our industry and in communities.

Local people know their local communities best, just as people with lived experience hold the keys to solutions to many of our state’s entrenched issues. Together with our industry’s workers and peak bodies we can work to ensure this vital knowledge is included in Tasmania’s recovery and rebuilding plan post-COVID-19.

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