End to Robodebt damage now in Tasmanian Liberal Senate team’s hands

TasCOSS welcomes the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s call to halt the further expansion of the Centrelink robodebt rollout. (Recommendation 8)

“The ball’s now in the court of the Tasmanian Liberal Senate team to ensure the Turnbull Government finally shows leadership on this issue by halting the rollout and adopting all eight of the Ombudsman’s recommendations,” Kym Goodes, CEO, TasCOSS said.

“100,000 Tasmanians on age and disability pensions are next in the firing line and need protection from the extreme levels of stress, anxiety and confusion experienced by their fellow Tasmanians since the start of the robodebt system in mid-December.

“The Ombudsman has validated and supported the experiences of thousands of Tasmanians and recommends that a comprehensive evaluation occur before any further rollout

“We saw leadership on this issue from the Tasmanian Liberal team in January and we have no doubt this contributed to some of the minor changes then made in acknowledgment of the system’s multiple flaws.

“With the independent evidence presented in the Ombudsman’s report, it’s now time for our elected representatives to protect Tasmanians with decisive action.

“Unless the Government can acknowledge they got it wrong and respond appropriately to the Ombudsman’s recommendation to halt this debacle any remaining trust in the system will be lost.

“We call on the Tasmanian Liberal senate team to take this message to Canberra immediately.”

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