Employer of Choice Award

The Tasmanian Council of Social Service (TasCOSS) was sworn in as 2019 Employer of Choice at a event in Hobart on Thursday 27 June.

The annual Employer of Choice Awards recognise Tasmanian organisations that demonstrate contemporary workplace practices and outstanding support for their staff.

TasCOSS, along with twelve other new inductees, was commended for demonstrating a commitment to supporting a work-life balance, employee engagement, communication, leadership and continuous improvement.

Read the 2019 Employer of Choice awards judges’ comments.

The full list of Tasmanian Employers of Choice is available at www.business.tas.gov.au/eoc.

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Determination to Measure Success Differently is a Game Changer

The impetus from our decision-makers to rebuild a stronger Tasmania out the other side of this virus is there. So let’s choose to invest in a successful, supported and prosperous Tasmania where every one of us has the opportunity to live a good life.

New Submission to the TasCOSS Vault

Draft Tasmanian Renewable Energy Action Plan 2020

Take Me To Your Board S01E06: Conduct and Compliance

What can the long, drawn-out case of Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency teach us about governance? In this episode, Bridget and Cameron are joined by the Chief Executive Officer of Hobart based disability service Nexus Inc and seasoned board member, Mark Jessop, to interrogate conduct and compliance through a not-for-profit lens.

Joining forces to support Tasmania’s recovery (The Advocate Talking Point, 06/09/20)

A benefit of Tasmania’s ‘smallness’ and ‘islandness’ is that it enhances our willingness to share and collaborate. Tasmania’s peak bodies have been working this way for some years, recognising that often we have shared, rather than opposing, agendas.

New Submission to the TasCOSS Vault

Coalition of Community Groups Letter re Extension of Rental Protections during COVID-19

New Submission to the TasCOSS Vault

Shared Statement of Intent for Engaging Tasmanians in Recovery and Rebuilding

Equal Pay Day

Right now, our leaders and governments have the opportunity to sure up thousands of positions and help tackle the gender pay gap by providing fair wages and improving working conditions for women in the workforce.

MEDIA RELEASE: Broadening of STAS eligibility welcomed

TasCOSS welcomes the State Government’s announcement that more Tasmanian families will be eligible for the Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) from the 2021 school year.

Support Available to Help Manage Energy Bills

Tasmanians who are struggling to pay their energy bills as a result of COVID-19 are encouraged to contact their energy provider to discuss payment options. There is a range of assistance available to help Tasmanians manage their energy bills and protections are in place to ensure electricity supply cannot be disconnected.

New Submission to the TasCOSS Vault

RACT Consultation on Greater Launceston Mobility Vision

JobSeeker and the Coronavirus Supplement

The current rate of JobSeeker (including the Coronavirus Supplement) is lifting thousands of Tasmanians out of poverty and has allowed families to meet basic household needs and relieve financial stress.

Position Vacant: TasCOSS Stakeholder Engagement & Policy Officer

TasCOSS is seeking a Stakeholder Engagement & Policy Officer to lead stakeholder consultation and provide high quality research on energy affordability and other issues impacting on Tasmanians.

New Submission to the TasCOSS Vault

Public Accounts Committee Inquiry into the Government’s Response to COVID-19

Working Together — Key Findings from Conversations with Families: School Transition

TasCOSS is continuing to work as a partner on Working Together (WT) — supporting early learning, an initiative of the Tasmanian Department of Education which aims to open opportunity for eligible three year old children to participate in free, quality early learning. We talked with many families throughout the pilot last year, and are again helping to collect and share the voice of family participants throughout 2020.

Take Me To Your Board S01E05: Purpose and Strategy

As outlined in Principle 1 of the AICD Not-for-profit Governance Principles, an organisations purpose must be clear and there must be a strategy that sets out how that purpose will be achieved. In this episode, Bridget and Cameron are joined by the General Manager of Tasmanian Leaders and experienced board member, Angela Driver, to unpack what went wrong with Kodak and discuss how purpose and strategy could have saved the photography behemoth.

New Submission to the TasCOSS Vault

Age of Criminal Responsibility Working Group Review

Investment in wellbeing recognised as essential to COVID-19 recovery

The Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council’s (PESRAC’s) report provides recognition that a key measure of our recovery is improving the wellbeing of all Tasmanians.

Raise the Rate for Good

The continuing COVID-19 health and economic crises have led to more people than ever struggling to find paid work. For every job available in Tasmania today there are 21 job seekers.

Tasplan International Women’s Day Awards for Excellence 2020

Congratulations to Sue Leitch and Amanda French who were recognised as inspirational and aspiring leaders in our industry at the International Women’s Day awards luncheon on Friday 6 March 2020. 

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

TasCOSS receives funding from the Federal Government Department of Health to provide support to Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) providers in Tasmania to build their organisational capacity. A steering group representing a range of service types and regions meet quarterly to guide the project.