Tasmanian State Election 2021

The 2021 Tasmanian State Election came at a crucial juncture with Tasmania’s economic and social recovery from COVID-19 hinging on decisive actions from our next term of government.

Throughout the election campaign, TasCOSS gave voice and agency to the Tasmanians living on inadequate incomes, and their hopes and aspirations for the future. Alongside seeking election commitments which go to supporting our population to recover from COVID-19 and building resilience, TasCOSS advocated on behalf of the community services industry — Tasmania’s largest and fastest growing industry.

2021 State Election Outcome & Analysis

With a majority Liberal Government returned, TasCOSS weighs up how their commitments addressed our election platform. Read more.

TasCOSS 2021 State Election Priorities

The 2021 State Election sees Tasmania poised at a pivotal juncture, a time when our economic and social recovery from COVID-19 hinges on decisive actions from our government.

TasCOSS challenges the next political leaders of Tasmania to recognise and address the needs of Tasmanians in shaping this future. Tasmanians have consistently told us that in order to live a good life they need to be able to afford the basics, have a healthy body and mind, and a place to call home.

This is why TasCOSS’s election priorities (PDF, 2.88MB) focus squarely on jobs, affordable housing and improved health outcomes.

TasCOSS urges all Tasmanian political parties to commit to:

  1. Meaningful, secure jobs for local people in the community services industry

Investing in the long-term sustainability of our workforce in the wake of COVID-19

  1. A secure, affordable home for all

Housing our population and reducing homelessness

  1. Accessible health care that is close to home

Bringing timely, affordable health care into communities

  1. Closing the digital divide so no one is left offline

Equipping Tasmanians with the skills and confidence to navigate the digital world

  1. Delivering lower household electricity bills

Reducing prices and investing in energy efficient homes

Further Reading:

Find out more about priorities of the the community services industry peaks network with regard to the 2021 State Election.

Download the TasCOSS 2021 Election Priorities document to view offline (PDF, 2.88MB).

Resources & Assistance with Advocacy

TasCOSS has prepared an Advocacy Toolkit for Organisations and Individuals (PDF, 133KB) around the State Election. This resource covers off on a range of lobbying activities you can engage in individually or on behalf of your organisation to influence candidates and political parties.

Want to get in touch with your local candidates? View contact details for every State Election 2021 candidate (PDF, 132KB).

Want to share? If you have an election-related event or news you would like TasCOSS to share on social media or in our member communiques, please let us know by emailing us.

Candidate Guide by Electorate

Tasmania has five divisions: Bass, Braddon, Clark, Franklin and Lyons. Five members are to be elected for each division.

Not sure what electorate you’re in? View the House of Assembly electoral boundaries map.

For more details on State Election 2021 candidates, please refer to the Tasmanian Electoral Commission website.


Liberal Party:

  • Sarah COURTNEY (incumbent) 
  • Michael FERGUSON (incumbent) 
  • Peter GUTWEIN (incumbent) 
  • Greg KIESER
  • Simon WOOD

Australian Labor Party: 

  • Janie FINLAY
  • Adrian HINDS
  • Jennifer HOUSTON (incumbent) 
  • Michelle O’BYRNE (incumbent) 
  • Owen POWELL

Tasmanian Greens:

  • Tom HALL
  • Mitchell HOUGHTON
  • Cecily ROSOL

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Tasmania:

  • Andrew HARVEY

Animal Justice Party:



  • Roy RAMAGE


Liberal Party:

  • Jeremy ROCKLIFF (incumbent)
  • Roger JAENSCH (incumbent)
  • Felix ELLIS (incumbent)
  • Adam BROOKS
  • Stacey SHEEHAN

Australian Labor Party: 

  • Shane BROAD (incumbent)
  • Anita DOW (incumbent) 
  • Amanda DIPROSE
  • Justine KEAY
  • Michelle RIPPON

Tasmanian Greens:

  • Darren BRIGGS
  • Emily MURRAY
  • Tammy MILNE
  • Maureen CORBETT
  • Phill PARSONS

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Tasmania:

  • Brenton JONES


  • Craig GARLAND
  • Liz HAMER
  • Matthew MORGAN


Liberal Party:

  • Elise ARCHER (incumbent)
  • Madeleine OGILVIE (incumbent)
  • Simon BEHRAKIS
  • Will COATS
  • Harvey LENNON

Australian Labor Party: 

  • Ella HADDAD (incumbent)
  • Chris CLARK
  • Simon DAVIS
  • Deb CARNES

Tasmanian Greens:

  • Cassy O’CONNOR (incumbent)
  • Vica BAYLEY
  • Bec TAYLOR
  • Nathan VOLF
  • Tim SMITH

Animal Justice Party:


Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Tasmania:

  • Lorraine BENNETT
  • Andrew LARGE

Federation Party Australia:

  • Justin STRINGER


  • Sue HICKEY (incumbent)
  • Kristie JOHNSTON
  • Jax EWIN
  • Mike DUTTA


Liberal Party:

  • Jacquie PETRUSMA (incumbent)
  • Nic STREET (incumbent)
  • Bec ENDERS
  • James WALKER
  • Dean YOUNG

Australian Labor Party:

  • David O’BYRNE (incumbent)
  • Alison STANDEN (incumbent)
  • Fabiano CANGELOSI
  • Toby THORPE
  • Amy BRUMBY
  • Dean WINTER

Tasmanian Greens:

  • Rosalie WOODRUFF (incumbent)
  • Gideon CORDOVER
  • Kit DARKO
  • Phoenix HARRISON
  • Bridget VERRIER

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Tasmania:

  • Shane BROADBY
  • Rebecca BYFIELD
  • Robert CAIRNS

Animal Justice Party:

  • Mark TANNER


  • Francis FLANNERY


Liberal Party:

  • Guy BARNETT (incumbent)
  • Mark SHELTON (incumbent)
  • John TUCKER (incumbent)
  • Susie BOWER
  • Justin DERKSEN
  • Stephanie CAMERON

Australian Labor Party: 

  • Rebecca WHITE (incumbent)
  • Jen BUTLER (incumbent)
  • Janet LAMBERT
  • Edwin BATT
  • Gerard GAFFNEY

Tasmanian Greens:

  • Tim MORRIS
  • Jill PIERCE
  • Isabel SHAPCOTT
  • Glenn MILLAR

Animal Justice Party:

  • Sharon McLAY

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Tasmania:

  • Carlo DI FALCO


  • George LANE

TasCOSS Political Leaders' Forum

TasCOSS was pleased to host a special pre-election edition of the community services industry COVID-19 recovery statewide meeting, featuring Tasmanian Liberals Leader, the Hon Premier Peter Gutwein MP, Tasmanian Labor Party Leader, the Hon Rebecca White MP and Tasmanian Greens Leader, Cassy O’Connor MP on Monday 26 April 2021 from 11am-12:30pm.

The forum, which was attended by more than 140 industry representatives and facilitated by TasCOSS CEO Adrienne Picone, afforded each political leader the opportunity to present their vision for Tasmania and then address a series of questions developed by the community services industry peaks network and attendees. The forum was successful in securing funding commitments to grow our workforce to meet rising demand for services. Watch the recording.


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Download the TasCOSS Advocacy Toolkit for Organisations and Individuals to view offline (PDF, 133KB).