Election 2018: Investing in Our Next Project of State Significance

The next Project of State Significance our Government takes on will determine what Tasmania looks like in the next 10 to 20 years.

Tasmanians expect our next State Government to apply its skills to strategic investment in our State’s most important asset: The Tasmanian people.

Tasmania has the vision, skills and experience to direct investment to successfully gain huge long-term dividends for the State. We see this in our governments’ investments in tourism infrastructure over many years which have led to our island now being the destination of choice for mainlanders and overseas explorers alike. And we know our governments can apply this vision and these skills in other areas with investment in irrigation also beginning to pay long-term, meaningful dividends.

Tasmanians are telling us they want to see the next strategic investment to be made in our people and our communities. They want our human, built, cultural and natural assets to be treated as of equivalent importance to our economic assets.

The 2018 State Election sees Tasmania poised at the brink of having the courage to make this change. We will need courageous leaders whose belief in each one of us gives them the strength to take us there.

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