Disability Services Act Review

The disability services landscape is complex and those accessing disability services are some of the most marginalised members of our community. TasCOSS welcomes the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to meaningful reform in this area and encourages the Tasmanian Government to embrace reforms to promote the rights of Tasmanians with a disability.

A review of the Disability Services Act is an important step towards ensuring services are effective and consistent with our obligations under international law, as well as the stated objectives of both the state and federal governments in relation to disability.

TasCOSS, in a submission endorsed by Disability Voices Tasmania, recommend several changes to the Act which we believe would increase access to justice for Tasmanians with a disability, including the introduction of a Disability Commissioner and the implementation of a community visitor scheme. However, further legislative and policy reform is needed to ensure the protection and promotion of the rights of Tasmanians with a disability, to ensure we hear the voices of people with disability and that their rights, will and preferences direct the care and support they need at all times.