Community Services Industry COVID-19 Issues Register

TasCOSS has taken on a coordinating role for the community services industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this role, we have developed an issues register to ensure needs, concerns and priorities identified across the industry are provided to government in a coordinated way.

Below is the latest edition of the issues register that summarises the key issues TasCOSS has been made aware of and the actions that have been taken — or are underway — to address them. A list of issues register items with completed actions as of Friday 11 September 2020 is now available. We endeavour to provide an updated version of this register here once a week, however work on all issues is ongoing and you may know of updates that are not included below.

Organisations that require assistance to raise and address barriers, unmet needs or gaps in service delivery as a result of COVID-19, are encouraged to present these issues through this register or through the points of entry for Recovery Partners Network (RPN) members and other non-government organisations.

If you have additional issues you would like to raise for TasCOSS to escalate, please go to our online register site or contact Stephen Durney, Senior Policy Officer, on (03) 6169 9508 or email Stephen.

NB: The issues register does not replace the important work and relationships peak bodies and other organisations undertake and this report is not intended to reflect all of the issues our industry is currently dealing with as a result of the COVID-19.

Community Services Industry COVID-19 Issues Register as at 11 September 2020