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MEDIA RELEASE: Communities hold the key to addressing health outcomesThe State Government’s commitment, as outlined in the Our Healthcare Future reform agenda, to tackling long-standing health challenges has the potential to improve the lives of Tasmanians living on low incomes and in rural and regional areas of our state. Read moreInvestment in wellbeing recognised as essential to COVID-19 recoveryThe Premier’s

In days of sunshine, shelter Tasmanians from tempest to come (The Mercury Talking Point, 04/12/19)

Every day we hear stories of the health system failing — bed block, overcrowded emergency departments and problems with culture and relationships between the bureaucracy and clinicians. What we don’t see on the front page are long-term outcomes of the gathering failure of our healthcare system — long-term outcomes like the median age of death in our most disadvantaged neighbourhood being 66, compared to 84 in the most advantaged neighbourhood.

Our state’s economic boom can be positive but only if the spoils are shared with all (The Mercury Talking Point, 04/11/19)

Our definition of economic success should be inclusive growth that benefits all Tasmanians, not just growth that assumes growth alone will achieve a better life for all. As we consistently measure up well in the national rankings economically, now is the time to turn our focus to how we ensure the growth is sustainable beyond the traditional cycles we have previously seen.