Congratulations to our Award Winners

Congratulations to Jami Bladel and Sarai Lawson who were recognised as inspirational and aspiring leaders in our industry at the International Women’s Day awards virtual event on Thursday 4 March 2021. 

The Tasplan International Women’s Day Awards for Excellence, now running for the third consecutive year, provide a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to women who are breaking barriers through their work or personal life. 

Community Services Industry: Inspirational Leader Award: Jami Bladel, Chief Executive Officer, Kickstart Arts 

Jami Bladel set out to establish a new precinct for arts, health and wellbeing. She identified a site and with the support of her board, produced a working paper setting out a vision for St Johns Park, Kickstart Arts, the wider arts and health communities and the general public. Through her passion, determination, highly developed organisational skills, ability to inspire and lots of hard work, almost all of that vision is now achieved.

Jami has been an inspiration to her board members, politicians including ministers and three premiers, senior bureaucrats in the Tasmanian State Service, employees, artists and other practitioners, community service industry partners, community participants and sponsors.

Community Services Industry: Aspiring Leader Award: Sarai Lawson, Team Leader Mish Services, Launceston City Mission

Sarai Lawson is known for her exceptional leadership skills and passion, and for helping young people aged between 13 and 25 engage with their community. Sarai completely redesigned Launceston City Mission’s Mish Maker program, creating courses around design, making and selling as well as engaging more external facilitators to share their skills, experience and knowledge.

Sarai is a writer and disability advocate, mentoring several young women on the NDIS to increase their capacity for independence.