Jobs Action: Valuing the People of Tasmania’s West Coast

TasCOSS has welcomed Premier Will Hodgman’s announcement today that West Coast residents and businesses will be the next to join the roll out of the Community Innovation and Investment Project.

The primary aim of the project is to support people in Tasmania’s regions to find workable solutions to issues surrounding accessing meaningful work in the area.

CEO of TasCOSS Kym Goodes said community-centred model has already begun in the Derwent Valley and is commencing in the South East.

“This series of projects recognises and respects the leadership, creativity and experiences of those who live in the regions chosen for the project.

“Communities and the people who live in them are the real experts on issues such as improving transport and connecting employers with job seekers. We have no doubt the people of the West Coast have ideas with the potential to enhance the resilience and vitality of their region and its communities.”

“The model draws on innovative community development strategies including co-design and Emerging Voices, both of which work to increase the capacity of local communities to realise the power they have in local decision making.

“We know meaningful employment, good health and education outcomes, and renewed participation of all Tasmanians both socially and economically are key drivers to real, lasting and significant change,” Ms Goodes said.

“Importantly, this announcement acknowledges that local people know their communities best, know what will make a difference, but do not always have the necessary resources to effect the change they want and need.

“Government is best positioned to provide the leadership and social vision that will guide action to ensure that all Tasmanians thrive. By bringing together community, community sector and business and sharing innovative approaches and decision making on employment outcomes, we can be sure Tasmania is united and working together to reduce inequality and disadvantage.”

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Community Innovation & Investment Project (CIIP)

The Community Innovation and Investment Project (CIIP) is a collaborative approach between TasCOSS, Tasmanian communities, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) and the State Government. A partnership enabling community voice and community change across four Tasmanian communities: Derwent Valley, South East, Break O’Day and West Coast.

Results of the West Coast Region Jobs Consultation

A stand out theme across the whole region was the opportunity to access vacant buildings across the community for various developments and initiatives.

Results of the Break O’Day Region Jobs Consultation

A common theme was the need to find sustainable industries for the winter months and to have training opportunities with local job outcomes attached.

Results of the South East Region Jobs Survey

A common theme was the need to support alternative work models for professionals and to foster creative means of employment.

Results of the Derwent Valley Jobs Survey

A common theme that arose was the need to support the next generation to succeed and prosper in the Derwent Valley.

South East Region Jobs Survey: We Need Your Local Knowledge

We want to help you build a community with strong employment opportunities, to do that we need your input because local people know the south east region best.

Addressing Inequality through Community Capacity Building

By connecting with these communities, facilitating conversations and sharing in the decision-making, we are working together to reduce employment inequality and disadvantage in our State.

The Co-Design Method & CIIP

The co-design model is designed to engage and involve communities during the development and decision making process and this sits at the heart of this Project.

Emerging Voices & CIIP: Empowering Local Change Makers

Emerging Voices helps each and every one of us realise the power of our voice in our community and how we as individuals can shape Tasmania.

People are More Than Economies

TasCOSS has developed a ‘Capitals Framework’ for Sorell and the Derwent Valley to help all partners in the Community Innovation and Investment Project (CIIP) better understand the people and places we’ll be working with before we hit the ground with community consultation.