Celebrating the Achievements of Women Working in the Community Services Industry — Adrienne’s enews Message (4 March 2021)

The community services industry is the fastest growing industry in our state and employs more than 10,000 Tasmanians, around 80% of which are women — a fact that we are very proud of.  

As we prepare to mark International Women’s Day on Monday and off the back of what was a very challenging year, it is important to pause, reflect and recognise the long-standing contributions of women working in our industry, who through their work have improved the lives of Tasmanians.

It was therefore my pleasure to attend the Tasplan International Women’s Day Awards for Excellence virtual event today, in partnership with the Tasmanian State Service, the Local Government Association of Tasmania and Local Government Professionals Australia Tasmania, to celebrate the achievements of women working across our sectors.

The awards, now running for the third consecutive year, provide a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and pay tribute to women who are breaking barriers through their work or personal life. 

I am very pleased to announce the winner of the Community Services Industry: Inspirational Leader award was Jami Bladel, CEO of Kickstart Arts.

Jami’s inspirational leadership, passion and dedication to our industry is to be applauded and is clearly demonstrated through the achievement of her vision to establish the Kickstart Arts Centre and St. Johns Creative Living Park.

The Community Services Industry: Aspiring Leader award went to Sarai Lawson, Team Leader Mish Services at Launceston City Mission.

Sarai’s role as a mentor for young women along with her stewardship of the Mish Program is to be commended and I am very excited to see what the future holds for her leadership skills.

I would again like to congratulate all the winners announced today at the Tasplan International Women’s Day Awards for Excellence and thank all nominees for their dedication and passion to providing leadership in Tasmania.

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