Community Innovation & Investment Project (CIIP)

The Community Innovation and Investment Project (CIIP) is a collaborative approach between TasCOSS, Tasmanian communities, Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) and the State Government. A partnership enabling community voice and community change across four Tasmanian communities: Derwent Valley, South East, Break O’Day and West Coast.

COVID-19 Preparation and Advice

All TasCOSS Members and community service organisations are encouraged to review their contingency plans to ensure minimal impacts to service delivery continuity and wherever possible, contribute to the recovery of individuals, communities and services.

COVID-19 Safety Plans

TasCOSS undertook significant work to support organisations operating in the community services industry with up to date information, hints and tips for completing COVID-19 Safety Plans. The COVID-19 Safety Planning Series provided advice and assistance to community service organisations around returning to the workplace

TasCOSS How To Library

The TasCOSS How To Library provides a central access point for those seeking information about issues relevant to the community services industry.

Tasmania Report 2019

We need the right investment now from government to open up opportunities for all Tasmanians to prosper. And we need the right policy settings and systems to make that happen. For Tasmania to thrive long-term, we need governments at every level to clear the path, not build obstacles.