TasCOSS Media Releases

MEDIA RELEASE: Shameful Robodebt reversed at long lastThe announcement that the Federal Government will move to waive all Robodebts confirms that the system was flawed from the start in subjecting many of Tasmania’s most vulnerable to unfair, impersonal and damaging treatment. Read moreMEDIA RELEASE: Supporting Tasmanians by supporting our industryThe Premier’s announcement demonstrates strong leadership that puts the wellbeing of

Robodebt Advocacy

The announcement that the Federal Government will move to waive all Robodebts was a significant advocacy win for TasCOSS, the COSS Network and many other allies and supporters across the industry.

In days of sunshine, shelter Tasmanians from tempest to come (The Mercury Talking Point, 04/12/19)

Every day we hear stories of the health system failing — bed block, overcrowded emergency departments and problems with culture and relationships between the bureaucracy and clinicians. What we don’t see on the front page are long-term outcomes of the gathering failure of our healthcare system — long-term outcomes like the median age of death in our most disadvantaged neighbourhood being 66, compared to 84 in the most advantaged neighbourhood.

Federal Housing Debt Relief

The Federal Government’s agreement to waive Tasmania’s historical housing debt shows what can happen when Tasmanian voices unite on an issue that matters to our State. Shelter Tasmania, TasCOSS and our industry have fought long and hard to achieve this outcome for over a decade. Your strong and fearless voices and refusal to let the issue go have yielded a positive result for all Tasmanians.