2018 Tasmania Report: Time to Turn it Around

The potential of one-quarter of our people to participate in the social and economic opportunities our state offers and to live a good life is denied them by barriers that are not of their making. Turning that around would be a game-changer for the future of our state.


Prospective TasCOSS Members are now able to apply for membership via our online Membership Application Form. This initiative is designed to promote ease of accessibility with a simple to use interface. The form allows applicants to save their progress by creating a temporary password.

Energy Advocacy

TasCOSS is well represented on the Australian Energy Regulators reference committee and has been involved in the national development of the policy.

HeLLOTas! Toolkit Introductory Workshops

TasCOSS offers free, regionally based interactive workshops on using the HeLLOTas! Toolkit ⁠— a quality improvement process to assist organisations respond to community members by providing information they can easily understand and use as well as how to find their way in the health and community services industry.