Working It Out Everyone Can Play Project

1 September 2020

Organized By

Working It Out

    Working It Out (WIO) is Tasmania’s only dedicated LGBTIQ+ support, advocacy and education service. WIO is inviting all LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians, plus all other Tasmanians who are involved in sport, to participate in Phase 1 of its new Everyone Can Play project.

    Everyone Can Play intends to help sports clubs and associations to create more welcoming spaces for LGBTIQ+ Tasmanians, ultimately increasing opportunities for physical activity. 

    In completing the survey, you will be helping WIO to have a better picture of what’s happening in sport in Tasmania, and to design a program that will have the most impact.

    Find out more and complete the survey.

    For further information about the survey or Working It Out’s LGBTIQ+ inclusion in sport project Everyone Can Play, please contact Olivia Hogarth, Project Manager, on (03) 6231 1200 or at