Webinar: Creating a Youth Friendly Service

Beng Poh

23 May 2018 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Australia/Hobart


6777 4589 or 6777 4590

Hosted by Health Promotion North, with guest presenter Nate Austen, this webinar aims to explore the importance of considering the developmental needs of young people in delivering services and how we can create spaces and approaches that are ‘youth friendly’.

Adolescence is a unique transitional period of life with its own associated health and wellbeing risks including specific barriers to accessing services which can be profound for those in vulnerable situations. As such, service providers become very important in supporting and delivering some of their first independent help-seeking experiences with capacity to influence their perception and behaviours over a long period of time. This webinar will look at ways that we can encourage, include, support and engage young people in their own care.

Presenter: Nate Austen
Nate has worked for many years in various roles within the youth sector in Northern Tasmania and for the last 6 years within youth health and development for the Tasmanian Health Service. He has a passion for engaging creatively with young people, listening deeply to their concerns and needs and supporting them to participate fully in their own lives and the life of their communities.

For further information or to register for this webinar contact healthpromotion.north@ths.tas.gov.au or phone 67774589 or 67774590