Webinar: Budgets 2018/19: Get the Facts – Aged Care

Beng Poh

10 May 2018 11:00 am Australia/Hobart


  • David Tune in his independent review of the 2012 Living Longer, Living Better legislation noted the need for measures to ensure long-term sustainability of the sector. This requires assessment across the full spectrum of revenue levers such as private and public funds and insurance products.
  • The latest data shows increasingly difficult financial results for aged care.
  • Estimates highlight that Australia will need another 83,500 beds over the next 10 years to meet the rising demand, and this issue needs to part of a longer-term sustainability strategy.
  • Recent home care data shows the number of people on a waiting list for a Home Care Package (HCP) has grown to nearly 105,000 people. More than half of those waiting for level 3 and 4 HCPs are in the queue for more than six months.
  • Also, it is still not clear how current funding commitments will meet the projected need of about 140,000 HCPs by 2021/22 – an extra 66,000 packages.

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