Volunteering Tasmania Australian Strategic Services Masterclasses


8 October 2020 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Australia/Hobart

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Volunteering Tasmania

    Where is your organisation and its CHSP & HACC services today? What is the future strategic direction and destiny of your organisation and its services? Does your board have the capacity and capability to secure your organisation’s future success and sustainability?

    Volunteering Tasmania has engaged the services of Australian Strategic Services to engage, educate and resource the Committees of Management of stand alone HACC and CHSP funded organisations with the aim of assisting them to:

    • balance and integrate their individual PASSION | PURPOSE | PRIDE with their focus on productivity, performance, and profitability of their organisation; and
    • strengthen their ability to become more self-managing, self-directing and have autonomous teams that can discover and develop a sustainable pathway forward for their organisations, and how their service delivery can be secured to their community.

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    Join us as we explore volunteering in context of governance and against the backdrop of COVID-19, governance and the Aged Care Reforms.

    • Masterclass 1: 4-6pm, Thursday 8 October 2020
    • Masterclass 2: 4-6pm, Thursday 15 October 2020

    Both masterclasses are held via Zoom and will be recorded for those registered to this series.