The Voices of Us

1 June 2020

Organized By

Disability Voices Tasmania

    How often have you told your story, even to sympathetic ears, but felt it had no real impact?

    Disability Voices Tasmania is reaching out to Tasmanians with disability to join us in building a collective voice. If you ever have been denied access, felt your views and hopes have not been respected, been excluded from education or employment opportunities or found it hard to exercise your rights, please speak with us.

    One of the stories people with disability regularly tell is that things are done for us and not by us. Our new organisation, Disability Voices Tasmania, has been created and is managed by people with disabilities.

    We exist because there continues to be many systemic barriers to access and inclusion that are common to us all. We intend to give voice to the solutions to these barriers.

    By identifying these common barriers, and harnessing the power of our voices, we can inspire and effect meaningful change.

    We will work with organisations across all communities. We will collaborate, support and empower. We will not duplicate or replicate.

    Last year, the pilot project Disability Voices Tasmania conducted workshops such as ‘using your story to influence decision-makers’ and ‘developing your pitch.’ Aside from the practical influencing skills these workshops offered, what was most interesting was the commonality of issues and experiences raised, regardless of specific disability.

    People with disability are no less animated, excited, thoughtful, strategic or determined to work together than any other community group. But like any group of people, our power to effect change lies in a united, collective voice. A voice that will add value to the whole community.

    Disability Voices Tasmania will be holding workshops over the next few months via Zoom. If you have a story to tell, or an issue to raise please join us in these workshops. We will connect with and learn from each other to make our voices more powerful. Your voice is our strength; our voice is your strength.

    Workshops will be free. Please register your interest by contacting Disability Voices Tasmania’s Project Coordinator, Fiona, on 0428 612 299 or email