The Tasmania Project: Housing Survey

1 July 2020


Organized By

University of Tasmania

    AHURI along with The Tasmania Project have opened the Housing Survey module for Tasmanians aged 18 and above to complete. 

    This survey is part of a series that is being conducted as Tasmania progresses through the phases of the COVID-19 crisis to recovery and beyond.

    The purpose of this survey is to understand Tasmanians’ experience of the housing market during the pandemic in terms of how this has impacted individuals, and as a result, what needs and issues must be accounted for in efforts to improve housing opportunities during the COVID-19 recovery.  

    Find out more and complete the survey.

    The survey has four parts:

    1. Living arrangements and housing circumstances.
    2. Appropriateness of housing.
    3. Property as source of income.
    4. Demographic questions.