The Real Youth Survival Report Launch

11 October 2019 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Australia/Hobart

Parliament House

1 Salamanca Place | Hobart TAS 7000

    Colony 47 have brought together a group of young people through the Backswing program to put their perspective on the financial challenges and barriers that young people face when receiving Youth Allowance or Newstart and their solutions to these barriers.

    This will be a unique opportunity to hear from the young people in our community and also to understand the policy perspectives of the parties on supporting young people with addressing these barriers.

    The format will be an initial presentation by the young people followed by a representative from each of the major parties given the opportunity to provide a 5-10 minute response.

    If you would like to attend or pass the invitation along to someone who may be interested, please contact Gabby Mason at by Monday 7 October 2019.

    Access to Parliament House is controlled so we will need your details (full name and organisation) in order to facilitate entry.