The Healing and Supporting Powers of Tai Chi

Beng Poh

27 September 2017 12:00 am Australia/Hobart

    To extend a healing or supportive hand to someone, be it family, friend or stranger is surely a very special and purposeful power, not only to they who receive but also to those who offer such.

    All this was very evident earlier this year when TasCOSS Member Bill Pearson was invited to Beijing to participate in an International Tai Chi Exchange.

    Bill joined 87 participants from 11 countries and for 4 days they participated in an exchange at the Beijing Sports University, Eden Gardens and on the Great Wall of China.

    Support and friendships were very much in evidence as 87 people, albeit from different countries with different cultures came together to help each other and share the unique experience which was Tai Chi unifying people across the world.