TCCI Return to Work and Notice to End Stand Down Webinar

19 May 2020 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Australia/Hobart

    As an employer, this is a crucial time to legally review your contracts, policies and procedures and gain a better understanding of your legal obligations with JobKeeper.

    In this one-hour free webinar, our award-winning employment relations legal experts Luis Izzo and Nigel Ward will provide clarification and practical tips about ‘Coming out of COVID-19’ for employers.

    Join our interactive webcast to get the latest update and the opportunity to ask Luis and Nigel your questions.

    Nigel and Luis are employment law experts at Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors. This award-winning law firm is the legal team behind Workplace Assured; the State and Territory Chambers national, proactive and 24/7 employment relations solution for businesses.

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