Tasmanian Government: Landfill and Resource Recovery Grants

Beng Poh

8 April 2022

The Waste and Resource Recovery Bill 2021 establishes a statewide levy that will encourage the diversion of materials from landfill and drive investment in alternatives to landfill, so more materials will be recovered from waste streams and turned into new and valuable products.

The Tasmanian Government is launching a grants scheme to support landfill and resource recovery operators, like local councils, to have appropriate facilities to collect data on the amount and types of waste being disposed. This might include weighbridges, computer upgrades, traffic control or staff training.

These facilities are important as they will ensure that landfills and transfer stations are well prepared for the introduction of the landfill levy later this year.

While most landfills in Tasmania are run by local government, larger recyclers are also invited to apply for this levy readiness grant funding.

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