Standards & Performance Pathways Alert

Beng Poh


18 September 2018

02 9569 1704

This SPP Alert provides notice of a revised standard in Standards & Performance Pathways (SPP), and some minor changes to existing assessments as a result.

SPP have recently updated the mapping of the VIC: Human Services Standards (2015) (VHSS) in SPP, to improve its alignment with a number of the other main sets of state/territory human services and community services standards. Note that VHSS itself has not changed, only the way that it is mapped in SPP.

SPP have created a separate standard to reflect the updated mapping, called VIC: Human Services Standards (2015) with Service-specific indicators, which will be available effective Monday 24 September.

This updated version will also feature a Standards Report and map the service-specific requirements more comprehensively.

Note that both versions will be available in SPP for some time, so you can choose to self-assess with the version you prefer.

Changes to existing self-assessments

A few minor changes will be made to some existing SPP assessments so as to align with the updated standard. The changes include amended wording of some questions, and the addition of new questions.

For more information, click on the link for more details. > See the full detail of our SPP Alert

The new standard and changes to assessments will be implemented in SPP on 24 September.

If you have any questions about these changes, or your SPP account email or 02 9569 1704.