Safe Pets Safe Families seeking Volunteers

Beng Poh

Safe Pets Safe Families (SPSF) is a not for profit organisation which provides foster care for the pets of people in the community who are experiencing a crisis, primarily due to domestic violence, as well as homelessness or mental health crisis.  Our service gives people the confidence to leave dangerous situations without leaving their pets behind and at risk of violence or abandonment. SPSF also reduces the burden on animal shelters by decreasing the number of animals being neglected, surrendered, and needlessly euthanised.  SPSF aims to preserve and promote the special bond that exists between people and animals.

Would you like to become a volunteer or foster carer and help change lives?

SPSF is unfunded and run by volunteers. You can become a foster carer, or volunteer and help with fundraising, events, administration or transport. Unable to volunteer? You can also help by donating pet food and supplies, or money to help us with expenses such as vet care and dog registration.

SPSF supplies everything a foster carer needs to look after their foster pet. You can help give people the opportunity to get the help they need while their pet is being taken care of until they can be reunited.

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