Research Participants Needed for Community-led Recovery Study

Beng Poh

21 May 2018

Carole Owen | 0448 673 314

University of Tasmania (UTAS) is conducting a research in bush-fire recovery on how can government better support community-led recovery after a disaster?

Researchers at the University of Tasmania are

  • seeking participants for a study investigating how government can better support community-led recovery after a disaster.
  • seeking people who have had experience in working in community recovery after a disaster, either as a community member, a community sector representative, or a local government representative.
  • particularly looking for people that have been involved in recovery processes, such as members of a Community Recovery Committee or similar.

Participants will be interviewed about their roles, expectations and experiences of working with government and the community in disaster recovery.

If you would like to participate or have any queries please contact Carole Owen at the university of Tasmania on 0448 673 314 or