Relationships Australia: Study on Relationships emerging from COVID-19 into the ‘New Normal

Beng Poh

25 October 2021

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Relationships Australia Tasmania

 This international research study (Relationships emerging from COVID-19 into the ‘New Normal’) is about how individuals and families are coping and adapting to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The survey will be open for as long as it takes to get a reasonable response – this will be informed by RA National office.

Our experience of COVID-19 in Tasmania may be different from those experiencing it in Victoria and other mainland states and territories, and our information is just as important. Our participation contributes by helping to understand how individuals and families cope and adapt to challenges faced during the pandemic. The data collected from this survey can assist Relationships Australia to help people that have faced challenges and also to advocate the needs of families across Australia.

Find out more on the comprehensive explanation of the survey

Information collected is treated confidentially and won’t be shared outside the research team. Anonymised data may be used in academic publications and reports. Research data will be stored for a maximum of three years after publication of the findings on the research.