Productivity Commission Inquiry Report into Mental Health

1 December 2020


Organized By

Mental Health Council of Tasmania

    On 16 November 2020, the Productivity Commission released its report into mental health. Last year, TasCOSS partnered with Mental Health Council of Tasmania to make a submission to the inquiry. Read TasCOSS’s submission here.

    The Productivity Commission made a number of recommendations, including:

    • We would all benefit from an improved mental health system.
    • Reform of the mental health system would produce large benefits:
      •  These are mainly improvements in people’s quality of life — valued at up to $18 billion annually.
      • There would be an additional annual benefit of up to $1.3 billion due to increased economic participation.
    • To create a person-centred mental health system, Australia needs reforms that:
      • Focus on prevention and early help: early in life and early in illness.
      • Provide the right healthcare at the right time for those with mental illness.
      • Make sure effective services support recovery in community.
      • Provide seamless care, regardless of the level of government providing the funding or service.

    TasCOSS welcomes the report and urges governments and other relevant bodies to adopt all of the recommendations.